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The Applied Research Program Web site is no longer maintained. ARP's former staff have moved to the new Healthcare Delivery Research Program, the Behavioral Research Program, or the Epidemiology & Genomics Research Program, and the content from this Web site is being moved to one of those sites as appropriate. Please update your links and bookmarks!

Applied Research Staff

photo of ARP Staff

Office of the Associate Director Staff

Photo of OAD staff

Name Primary Areas of Expertise
Rachel Ballard-Barbash
  Associate Director
Weight, Physical Activity and Cancer
Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment
Risk Appraisal
Cheryl De Aguiar Research Associate
Jana Eisenstein Research Associate
Stephanie George CRTA Fellow
Alyssa Grauman Public Health Advisor
Tommie McKoy Program Specialist
Tonya Parker Program Analyst
Priyanga Tuovinen Program Analyst
Nancy Potischman Nutritional Epidemiology
Hormones and Cancer
Early Origins of Cancer
Samantha Williams Program Analyst
Gordon Willis Questionnaire Design and Survey Methods
Research Ethics and Human Subjects Protection
Maggie Wilson Research Associate

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Health Services & Economics Branch Staff

Photo of HSEB staff

Name Primary Areas of Expertise
Ann Geiger
  Branch Chief
Cancer Survivorship
Treatment Disparities
Translation and Dissemination of Follow-up Care and Behaviors
Matthew (Mateo) Banegas Cancer Prevention Fellow
Nancy Breen Health Disparities
Access to Health Care
Social Determinants of Health
Melba Campbell Program Specialist
Janet de Moor Economic burden of cancer
Cancer survivorship
Adherence to treatment and follow-up care recommendations
Paul Doria-Rose Cancer Screening Efficacy
Cancer Screening Interval
Epidemiologic Methods
Lindsey Enewold Cancer Incidence, Treatment, and Prognosis
Racial Disparities in Health Care Access
Genetic Epidemiology of Cancer
Linda C. Harlan Health Services Research
Patterns of Cancer Care
Cancer in Women
Carrie N. Klabunde Health Services Research
Access to Health Care
Cancer Screening
Health Status and Comorbidity Assessment
Joan L. Warren Health Services Research
Use of Health Claims Data
Patterns of Care
K. Robin Yabroff Economic Burden of Illness
Patterns of Health Care
Health Services Research

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Risk Factor Monitoring & Methods Branch Staff

Name Primary Areas of Expertise
Susan Krebs-Smith
  Branch Chief
Dietary Monitoring
Dietary Assessment Methodology
Guidance and Food Policy
Britni Belcher Cancer Prevention Fellow
David Berrigan Physical Activity and the Built Environment
Energy Balance and Carcinogenesis
Ecology, Evolution, and Physiology of Behavioral and Life History Traits
Heather Bowles Physical Activity
Bessie Frazier Program Support Assistant
Anne Hartman Tobacco Assessment/Monitoring
Sun Exposure Assessment/Monitoring
James McClain Physical Activity Assessment/Monitoring
Robin McKinnon Obesity Policy Research
Economics of Obesity
Jill Reedy Dietary Assessment/Monitoring
Dietary Patterning
Food Environment
TusaRebecca Schap Cancer Prevention Fellow
Amy Subar Dietary Assessment
Diet History Questionnaire (DHQ)
Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ)
Automated Self-Administered 24-Hour Dietary Recall (ASA 24)
Fran Thompson Dietary Assessment
Short Dietary Assessment Instruments
Richard Troiano Physical Activity Assessment/Monitoring
Body Weight Assessment/Monitoring
Dana Wolff CRTA Fellow

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Outcomes Research Branch Staff

Photo of ORB staff

Name Primary Areas of Expertise
Neeraj Arora
Branch Chief (Acting)
Patient-Centered Care
Outcomes Assessment
Patient-Clinician Communication
Cancer Survivorship
Kathleen Castro Oncology Nurse Consultant
Erin Kent Mixed Methods
Social Epidemiology
Cancer survivorship
Health Disparities
Patient-Centered Outcomes
Sandra A. Mitchell Latent Variable Mixture Modeling
Health-Related Quality of Life and Cancer Symptom Experience
Patient-Reported Outcomes in Cancer Treatment Trials
Application of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Clinical Practice
Irene Prabhu Das Program Evaluation
Qualitative Research
Public Health Systems
Research-Practice Partnerships
Ashley Wilder Smith Health & Lifestyle Behaviors
Health-Related Quality of Life
Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Survivors
Lena Wettergren Quality of Life & Health Outcomes in Cancer Survivors
Fertility & Sexual Concerns

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Last Modified: 06 Jul 2015